Our Story:

With a passion for bean and cheese burritos a few friends set out to find the best burritos in the area. Making all day trips out of discovering new food with friends has always been a favorite pastime for these burrito enthusiasts. After stumbling upon a list of the “best” burritos in Los Angeles and being disappointed in the list’s top ranking restaurants this is when the idea of a burrito list started. BurritoList was founded in 2015, making their first post to Instagram in mid 2015 and has been consistent in the burrito game since. Overtime BurritoList has expanded their horizons of just bean and cheese burritos to all burritos. Didn't think there were that many types of burritos? To these guys there are a few different categories such as; Breakfast burritos, Specialty burritos, and of course the classic Bean and cheese burrito. Look out for these guys on the web and on the streets. With plans to expand into a clothing brand based around all good things food, BurritoList has already launched their first shirt and has ideas to release more soon. 

Our Mission:

On a mission to build a place where burrito lovers from all around the world can come and discover new spots, or reminisce on old favorites. BurritoList is about community and looking to connect with burrito enthusiasts, along with new restaurants and family owned joints to showcase their establishments and tell their story. We are doing our best to stay true to our local stomping grounds of Southern California, come join us on an epic Burrito Tour or taco crawl any time, and always feel free to leave your recommendations!