Burrito List is always on the search for the best burritos in town! Here is a look at some of our latest food adventures and reviews.


Juanita’s III Fine Mexican Food

Ontario, California

Juanita’s III has been serving the Inland Empire 60 plus years! Established in 1957, what makes this family owned restaurant really special is that they are making their own fresh tortillas! These tortillas are cooked to perfection, make sure you order some a la carte for a nice, warm tortilla con butter!


Al & Bea’s Mexican Food

Los Angeles, California


La Azteca.jpg

La Azteca Tortilleria

Los Angeles, California

In the city of Los Angeles, you can find many amazing things to capture your attention. With California’s perfect weather, cruising the streets with the windows down and your favorite jams bumpin’ is easy to do on any given day in L.A.. Admiring the beautiful artwork displayed throughout the entire city and along Cesar Chavez boulevard can make for a fun day under the sun. Next time you’re out there, take a moment and follow the smell of delicious homemade tortillas being made just for you, at none other than La Azteca Tortilleria.